Genesis G70

  • 1
    The vehicle's shifter must be in Park to complete pairing process.
  • 2
    Press the PHONE button in the head unit or button in the steering wheel remote control.
  • 3
    Search for the device name as displayed on your mobile phone and pair.
  • 4
    Confirm that the 6-digit passkey displayed on the audio screen and the Bluetooth device are identical.
  • 5
    Press OK in your Bluetooth device.
  • 6
    Pairing is complete.
  • Note
    If your phone is supported, your contact list may be transferred to your vehicle automatically. Depending on the phone make and model:
    • Some phones may request approval to download contacts. This process will take a few minutes.
    • Contacts list may start with First or Last Name, depending on phone model.
    • Some phones may require additional confirmation on their device to allow contacts to sync.
  • Please refer to the Phone Pairing section for they are the same.